Site Launched!

My site has officially launched! Thanks for pulling in to check out my Online Marketing Blog. I will provide some distractions to things other than marketing that “pull me in” as well to keep things fun and interesting.

As I continue hurdling through the Online Marketing cosmos, I will report back here with my findings and some data to support my claims where possible. Of course my opinions here on this site are my own, and these opinions will never be the voice of my company or employers. My goal is to provide insight in the spirit of helping others also on the journey through the Digital Marketing transition. Take any advice I might give at your own risk, but always know that I encourage everyone to take risks in life because (and I am not sure who to quote here) “Life rewards risk.”

I am a professional Internet / digital marketer so contact me if there is anything I can do to help you better market your interests online or if you just want to talk shop.

Robertdon Witwiski

Contact: Mr -at-  RobertdonWitwiski. com

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