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TV Commercials
Display Ads and Re-marketing
Landing Pages
Direct Mail

GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotions)




TV Commercials (scripts, storyboard elements and copy)


Email Campaigns (creative concepts, direction, CTAs and writing copy for radical and iterative A/B testing)

2016 email Summer Loan Cruise2016 email Summer Loan Princess2015 email CCard MasterCard Slopes A2015 email CCard MasterCard Slopes B Short2015 email CCard MasterCard Slopes C Choose

2015 email Valentines

2015 email Personal Loan Island2015 email Personal Loan Coast2015 email Personal Loans Reel2015 email Holiday Loan2015 email Holiday Loan Choose2015 email CCard Zero Bal Xfer Variable

2016 email CCard Burst


2016 email CCard Burst Poster2015 email Pet Insurance2015 email Personal Loan Generous2015 email Personal Loan Generous Banner2015 email Onboarding Lead Convenient2015 email Onboarding Lead OLB2015 email Onboarding Lead Auto Loan2015 email Onboarding MBR Survey Social2015 email Member Sat Survey Share2015 email Innactive 45 Upset Response2015 email Innactive 452015 email Newsletter2015 email Innactive 45 Not PFI Switch2015 email Innactive 45 Loan Paid Off CCard Cross Sell2015 email CUFK2015 email Certificate CD2015 email CCard Chip Cards Coming2015 email Auto Loan Taxes Bonus2015 email Auto Loan Car2015 email Social Content Car Buy Checklist2015 email Seasons Greetings

Display Ads and Re-marketing


Landing Pages

Lpg FMCU Cruise Robertdon Witwiski
Lpg FMCU Investments Robertdon Witwiski
Lpg FMCU Personal Loans Robertdon Witwiski

Direct Mail

1 Front Direct Mail Auto Recapture RW

2 Back Direct Mail Auto Recapture RW



TSS Coreg Ads 1 RW
TSS Coreg Ads 2 RWTSS Coreg Ads 3 RW


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